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Interior Design Consultant

Whether you are designing several rooms in an expansive home, or making the most of a snug, cozy cottage, working with an interior design consultant can help to bring a cohesive look and help to bring a signature style that is all your own.

Sound Interiors offers a complete line of interior design services to assist you with everything from space planning to colour Perry Sound Interior Design Consulting with Tracey Sittspalette selection to choosing just the right pieces to accent your home or cottage.

Owner, and Interior Design grad Tracey Sitts will draw on 15 years of industry experience, with expertise in colour, paint and kitchen design.  Tracey will work with you to help identify your taste and style and find the best solutions, whether you need to make a space more functional, or simply source that right piece, ensuring that you have a space that you can be proud of.

In addition to her experience, Tracey is able to draw on the famous PPG Voice of Colour® in-house program, allowing for perfect colour matching, which is not just for paint and walls, but also for window coverings, furniture, and so much more.

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