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Paints & Wood Stains

Visit us and discover a vast selection of paints, wood stains and primers for any surface, and in colours that are only limited by the imagination.

Paints & Wood Stains at Sound Interiors


PPG Pittsburg Paints is a brand spanning more than a century, and they are a global choice for professional painters and homeowners, due to their durability, and the fact that they offer a washable, fade-resistant finish.

PPG Pittsburg Paints and Sansin are not only leaders in coatings, they are also leaders in innovation.  We are able to match any paint colour, regardless of the original brand that was used.


PPG Paints

Our colour tools help to simplify choosing your colour.  The Voice of Color® program is your personal assistant in identifying the best palettes to suit your needs.

And it is not just limited to paint.  We can also help with choosing colours for furniture, flooring, drapes, brick, shutters and more.


Paint Colour Wall


PPG has enormous global reach that goes well beyond your home.  Their coatings appear on two-thirds of all new jetliners in the world, on 70% of all cars, as well as appearing on appliances, food and beverage containers, institutional buildings around the world, and much more.

We are also proud to carry the Sansin line of stains.  Sansin, a truly green organization, has developed stains that offer an environmental alternative to solvent based solutions.  Committed to Research and Development, they are focused on reducing the environmental impact, as well as ensuring a superior performing stains and finishes.

Sansin wood coatings have a unique water-borne formula that combines the benefits of both oil and water-based coatings, reducing environmental toxins, so their impact on smog and ozone depletion is virtually none.

Visit our store to find out why Sound Interiors is the best choice for your paint and stain needs.


  • Perry Sound Paints by PPG
  • Perry Sound Wood Stains by Sansin